Orthotic Management of Neuro-Muscular Pathologies

This specialized course in the management of neuro-muscular diseases applies techniques of Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthotics – DAFO (based on Nancy Hilton approach)

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This course is an excellent opportunity to refresh, update and advance your expertise in the orthotic management of neuro-muscular pathologies.

This course equips participants with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills on some of the best-practice orthotic management solutions for patients with neuro-muscular pathologies. It uses an innovative curriculum design to support participants in building new skills and/or in advancing their existing skills and competencies to effectively meet the needs of their communities as P&O practitioners.

Trainers on the course are experts who are active in service-provision and have a long-standing daily experience in patient treatment.

Focus of the subject-theoretical content:

  • Anatomy and Physiology: including bones, muscles and joints (below knee)
  • Pathology and Prescription: including treatment concepts of Cerebral Palsy, Flat Foot, Club Foot, hidden Pes Equinus, Calcaneus Valgus;
  • Biomechanics: including movement of the foot, subtalar and ankle joint during the gait; interaction of muscle impairments and pathologic gait;
  • Professional practice: Practical techniques for assessment, casting, rectification and design of DAFO, fitting, troubleshooting and outcome measures

Focus of the practical seminar content:

  • Patient Anamnesis
  • Measurements and casting techniques
  • Cast rectification and modelling techniques
  • Production process
  • Fitting / testing of the orthoses and application of necessary corrections
  • Analysis and outcome measures

To blend E-Learning with clinical hands-on training, mentoring and labs practice is an excellent way to enable education parallel to the job!

Christian Schlierf (CEO, Human Study e.V.)



Specialized Course in the Orthotic Management of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

This course will equip participants with the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to provide best practice orthotic management for patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.

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Idiopathic Adolescent Scoliosis Treatment (Spine Concept Sobernheim)

The course covers theory und principles of brace technology and treatment according to the brace classification system developed by Spine Concept Sobernheim.

Participants get hands-on clinical education and training on patient assessment, blue-print analysis and the full manufacturing process of the spinal brace including outcome measures.

Focus of the subject-theoretical content:

  • Basics of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Classic diseases and indications
  • Classification and effects of spinal braces
  • Construction principles
  • Biomechanical principles and design of spinal braces
  • Supply examples for supportive, stabilizing and corrective orthoses

Focus of the practical seminar content:

  • Patient Anamnesis
  • Measurements and casting techniques
  • Cast rectification and modeling techniques
  • Production process
  • Fitting / testing of the brace and application of necessary corrections
  • Analysis and outcome measures

Orthotic Management of Neuro-Muscular Pathologies to build state of the art skills and knowledge.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, SCOPe has courses to suit you.
Marcelo Alvarez  (Human Study e.V.)


Participants have opportunities to network, share experiences and learn with people with similar interests from across the globe.

  • Online and onsite learning
  • Learn everything you want
  • Learn from top experts
  • Become P&O Professional


Michael Rexing
Lecturer / Expert Trainer
Michael Rexing was born in Germany in 1963, and after completion of his professional education he has been working at various university clinics. He completed his higher education as Prosthetist/Orthotist (Meister-D) back in 1994. After various management and leadership positions, he has run his own business for many years. After completing his entrepreneurial activities, he continues the tradition of his father and is engaged in research and teaching in addition to his activities in pediatric orthopedics in Heidelberg and conservative scoliosis treatment in Bad Sobernheim. Michael is a member of many professional associations and academies, co-founder of ISST International Scoliosis Schroth Therapy and lectures at home and abroad in the field of orthotic trunk orthotics and lower limb orthotics for neuromuscular diseases.

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